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How to get the most out of your hairstyle

Story by Tom Kelly

Wednesday, 30th November, 2011 4:30pm

When it comes to feeling and looking good, few things are more important than your hair. The wrong style can add ten years to the way you look, the right hairstyle can achieve the opposite. There is no more instant way to update your image than a good haircut and colour.

Haircuts generally have a life span of six weeks. In the current economic climate people are stretching this to seven or eight weeks.

When considering a new hairstyle the most important thing is to have a full consultation with your stylist. Discuss your ideas and question the suitability of your style to your facial features and lifestyle.

The shape of your face changes over the years in particular your chin and jawline. Side partings are usually more flattering, whatever your face shape. A clever haircut will emphasise your best features and draw attention away from your worst. It is only a myth that you must have short hair as you age. Be brave, you might get a pleasant surprise. Don't ask for a hairstyle you will not be able to manage yourself. Be specific about what you don't like.

Bring in style images you like or demonstrate with your hands what length you want your hair - the word 'short' can mean a whole lot shorter to someone else.

Let your stylist know how much time you have each day to do your hair. The best time to get a new hair style appointment is early morning when stylists are completely fresh.

The products:

Brush your hair thoroughly before shampooing to get rid of all the recently shed hair (up to 60 hairs per day!). Shampoo with a quality shampoo designed for your hair type. Spend your money on your shampoo - it is the building block to the next service.

Condition hair well on the ends and comb through to get rid of any remaining loose hair. Choose hair products wisely to match your particular hair type and don't overload the hair with it. Less is more! Too much product can have the opposite effect than that required. It is also important when using hairspray to spray it at least 6 inches away from the head or spray in front of you and 'walk into it'!


Never do your own colour at home. It is impossible not to overlap the colour being applied on top of old hair colour if doing it yourself. The layers of hair already coloured will get a fresh coat of colour once again and it will dry out and damage it. It will cost you more eventually to get a full colour correction done at a salon.

Hair on a budget

If money is tight why not try out being a cut or colour model at some of the many hairdressing classes. You can get a great cut and colour at a class but you must have plenty of time to spend there. It is pointless expecting to be in an out in the same time as if it was an experienced stylist/colourist doing your hair.

There is always a supervisor/trainer there to see that everything is carried out correctly whether it is at a training Academy or at Salon evening classes.

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column from Maeve O'Healy-Harte of MOHH Salon and Academy