Psychic healing

Story by Deirdre Verney

Wednesday, 20th May, 2009 9:00am

Hands up who wants healing, direction in their life and more positive energy? Well, in these difficult times all of that is achievable with an alternative treatment this week with a difference, a first for this column in the shape of - psychic healing.

As more and more people struggle with the problems associated with the economic downturn and everyday life, many are turning to this unusual therapy for guidance to find out the root causes of physical ailments and ways to overcome the difficulties to set out a path for a better future.

So with this in mind, last Wednesday I set off to rural South Roscommon to seek out Pat Cunniffe, a psychic and healer of many years standing who runs the White Winds Healing Centre, close to the picturesque village of Knockcroghery. A native of Kilconnell in Galway, Pat has been living in rural South Roscommon for the last three years and has been working in the area fulltime since last year even though he was always aware of his gifts, working on and off over the years during his previous occupation as a courier. He offers a range of unique healing therapies, that as far I"m aware are unavailable locally except at his quiet, sunny premises. These include psychic readings, psychic healing, chakra healing, shamanic soul journing, reiki and past life therapy.

First off, I must admit that I have never attended a psychic before mainly, due to my skepticism that such a person has those powers. Instead I always felt it was a mix of guesswork, reading of body language and asking the right questions to give vulnerable people the hopeful answers they wanted. As a consequence, I thought, on hearing the answers, that you would actually make the predictions come true because of what was said.

However, on meeting Pat for my first session of psychic healing I immediately felt at ease. His jovial, calm, relaxed manner set the tone for the treatment, immediately quashing many of my negative pre-conceptions of a therapy that uses psychic abilities. Clearly, you can tell he enjoys not only treating people, and helping clients, but also is an advertisement for the therapies exuding a lovely contented air with his life, something which is very comforting when you are going for your first treatment.

So what is psychic healing? Well, Pat told me that the treatment involves finding the underlying emotional cause of any of your physical ailments, whatever that might be, everything from a sore knee or stomach trouble to something more serious. To do this, the South Roscommon resident uses his psychic ability to read your soul energy and glean information from spirit guides in a bid to discover what physical, mental, or emotional burdens that you carry consciously or subconsciously. While Pat admits it sounds complicated, it is actually very gentle and relaxing and very often clients will drift off to sleep as he does his work.

'During the healing ritual what comes up are things that need to be cleared out that can be causing blockages. It"s about shifting the energy in the blockages that would causing the pain,' he enthused as he gently got down to a hands-on form of healing moving from my stomach to my arm and finally, my head. While that was happening I was feeling very peaceful, and, as time wore on I felt a strange sensation of letting go, something that was accompanied by, for want of a better description, a kind of light, airy feeling.

Unsurprisingly, my stomach showed up with a blockage as I was fresh from a stomach bug illness that had laid me up for a couple of days. Pat described it as like a belt I was carrying around my abdomen with worries, before going on to give details of my personality and history in relationships, career and family that were contributing to the problem. (Personal secrets I am not about to reveal here). Suffice to say, everything was uncannily accurate, which I couldn"t believe and was far too detailed for any kind of guesswork. I was beginning to think Pat Cunniffe really does have a psychic, healing gift pointing out things that have happened and what lies ahead in areas of my life in the future.

Again, in common with other therapies my inability to switch off my busy mind was identified along with too much self-analysis. As he worked on my head area, I didn"t feel any major sensation touch-wise but I did experience a brain slow down as everything seemed to clear out. Chatting away amiably throughout, Pat offered some advice to improve the situation with tips for meditation, relaxation and how I can improve emotional situations for a better future.

All in all, I can say the treatment offered a lot of things I didn"t expect, namely some food for thought for the direction my life is going and improvements I can make for a more carefree, healthy existence. On an immediate level, I felt very clear and worry free afterwards and surprisingly energised considering I was sick just a few days previously. There may just be something to this psychic healing after all!

For appointments call Pat at The White Winds Healing Centre, Kilcash, Knockcroghery, on 090 6661702 or 087 3156792 or check for further information.

Healing classes, psychic development classes, hands on healing and mediumship courses are held in the centre from time to time depending on interest. Pat will also attend an upcoming Holistic Fair in the Carlton Shearwater Hotel, Ballinasloe, on May 31 next.

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