A little bit of nostalgia

When looking for items of interest pertaining to Moate Show in the recent past I was lucky enough to be given a loan of an old scrapbook with paper cuttings from the mid seventies. This is a sample of the results from the 1974 show with the emphasis on the children. Many of the prize winners are still living in the area and it is my hope that readers will get as much enjoyment from looking at the names as I have done. Many thanks to Ethel and Reggie Mitchell for all their help in compiling this piece. Among the early results in 1974 were the following: CHILDREN'S SECTION - PAINTING Painting or Drawing Under 6, 1, Martin Paul McGivney, Avondale, Trim; 2, Ml Sheerin, Ballymore Road, Moate; 3, Rebecca Burke, Station Road, Moate. Painting or Drawing Boys 6, 7, 8 Years, 1, Tony McQuillan, Windmill Road, Moate; 2, David Flynn, Convent School, Moate; 3, Joseph Sheerin, Rosemount Road, Moate. Painting or Drawing Girls 6, 7 or 8: 1, Tina Finnegan, Station Road, Moate; 2, Toni Coghlan, Dublin Road, Moate; 3, Audrey Kinahan, Ferboy, Moate; 4, Alice Healy, Station Road. Painting or Drawing Boys 9-10: 1, Jos Sheerin, Oliver Plunkett N.S.; 2, Padraig Doyle, Maheramore; 3, Richard Meares, Oliver Plunkett School; 4, S. Farrell, Oliver Plunkett School. Painting or Drawing Girls: 10, 11: 1, Ann McLoughlin, Dublin Road; 2, Pauline Coghlan, Main Street; 3, Lorna Sheerin, Station Road; 4, Una Duffy, Ballyscarvln. Painting or Drawing Boys and Girls 12-14: 1, Jean Carson, Ard Aoibhinn, Moate; 2, Liam Hannan, Station Road; 3, Siobhan Mc Inerney, Avondale, Trim. Picture in College, 6-8: 1, Mary Quirke, Rochfortbridge NS; 2, S. McGowan, Lake Road; 3, Jean Robbins, Mountemple Road; 4, Ann Quirke, Rochfortbridge. Picture in College, 8-10: 1, Martin Sheehan, Avilla, Moate (won Keavney Cup); 2, Teresa Deignan, Rochfortbridge; 3, Ml. Grogan, Oliver Plunkett NS; 4, Jacinta Davitt, Rochfortbridge. Picture in College: 1, Mary Galvin, Dublin Road; 2, Carina Fitzpatrick, Lake Road; 3, Grainne Egan, Main Street, Moate; 4, Elizabeth Coyne, Clara Road. HANDWRITING 6 - 8: 1, David Flynn; 2, Brendan Clavin, Oliver Plunkett School; 3, Brenda Madden, Main Street. 8 - 10: 1, Gerard Cochrane, Oliver Plunkett N.S.; 2, Conor Hughes, Newtown; 3, Fergus Kelly. 10 - 12: 1, Mary Seery, Hall (also won cup); 2, Pauline Dolan, Ballydoogan; 3 and 4, Loyola Madden, Main Street. Over 12 - 4, Mary Stones, Moneen; 2, Sharon Lynch, Church Street. A Meander Through August 1975 In 1975 admission to the Night Runners Show on the Shannon Queen was 50p. Brendan Bowyer & the Big 8 were on in the Rose Club, The Gap House new lounge bar had The Sheeran Family on Friday night with the Comhaltas Ceoiltoiri Session on Tuesday. The Athlone Show Dance in the Crescent featured The Sands and the Ritz Cinema was advertising the forthcoming September launch of The Odessa File. At the Moate Show Trina Dillon won the 'Rhurarb' (their spelling) tart, the Shell Craft, the hand sown articles and went one better with first and second in the Wool Crochet along with a load of other place prizes. Patricia Sheeran finished third in the hand-knitted articles and I now can work out her age as in 1975 she was £$!. The aArrangment for doll's tea party was won by Loyola Madden. P Cochrane finished second to Ann Price in the Illustrated Fairy tale. Sr Mary O' Mahony won a prize for her Irel Coffee Sponge, D Cooney, Station Road was second with a pony while J McNeill, Clonthread was third with a donkey. Even for a blow-in like myself reading the names was fascinating. Mrs Umfreville from Grouse Lodge, a surname I have never heard before, a predecessor who never imagined Michael Jackson would share her address for a few months of his life. Does she or would she have cared? Names like Mitchell and Kearney feature strongly, carried through the generations as are many others, familiar to those who have a much greater knowledge of Moate Show and its history and tradition than I have. Mrs Lowe and Mrs Grogan featured in many of the food categories at the show and I am glad to say their cooking also featured on many occasions in the old Golf Club pavilion where calorie counting was never advisable. A Big Move There is a sense of loss in some quarters this year as the show, which I am told had the same home for 168 years, moves out to the Dublin Road for the first time. The practicalities of the decision to move are understandable and having listened to complaints from people who had grass cut up by cars or machines and others who were unable to get their cars out of their own driveways I can appreciate their sense of relief, but at the same time I am sorry to see the event moving away from its traditional home. The shelter of the garden where hospitality was often on hand, the sheds and the display areas will not be the same in a tented village. Questions abound about the change, some serious, some frivolous, children who had the freedom to walk down to the show may not have the freedom to travel out on the free shuttle bus although I hope this will not be the case as there are so many attractions aimed at capturing their attention. Will the shuttle stop at the traditional watering hole on Moate Show Day? The first year that I arrived in Moate, I was surprised and delighted when I learned that the bank closed for a half day on the Wednesday of the show. Mary Coffey's was part of the ritual, never mind the on-site facility, Moate Show Day was for some people, their annual visit to Mary, Paddy and Rose. I hope that tradition will continue and suggest that the shuttle bus should stop at Coffey's when requested to do so! The work involved in keeping the show going is massive and great credit is due to the committee and their helpers. Anyone who has ever moved house will know that it takes time to get things right, mistakes will be made but things will improve and evolve over the years ahead. I hope the weather Gods are smiling on Saturday and that people will come out and keep one of the great traditions of our town alive and thriving in the midst of all the gloom that assails us every time we turn on a radio or a TV.

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