Cooney withdraws from local elections

Fine Gael councillor Mark Cooney has announced his decision to withdraw as a candidate for the local elections.
In a statement issued this morning, Cllr Cooney said: “Following considerable deliberation I have decided to withdraw as a candidate for the 2014 local elections. I do so because my solicitors practice, which I established in 2009, has developed to an extent where I can no longer afford the time required to be a public representative.
“I make this decision with regret having hugely enjoyed my role as a town and county councillor for 20 years, during which time, I believe I have contributed to the development of our town and county.”
Cllr Cooney added: “I thank most sincerely all those who have voted for me over the years and, in particular, those who have canvassed and worked with me.
“I remain a committed member of Fine Gael and will be actively involved in the local and European elections.”