Sean McLoughlin (a.k.a. Jacksepticeye) in Athlone. Photo: Instagram

YouTube star leaves Athlone

YouTube star Sean McLoughlin, a.k.a. Jack Septiceye, moved last week to his new home in Brighton, England.

The 27-year-old internet celebrity had been living in Athlone as he built up a massive following for his colourful and entertaining videos, most of which involved him playing video games.

Making YouTube clips became his full-time job three years ago, and he currently has a phenomenal 15.5 million subscribers on the video streaming website.

At the beginning of this year he said one of his plans for 2017 was to move to Brighton, where he hoped to work with a voice coach and an acting coach.

Last week, he announced on Twitter that the move had gone according to plan.

“I have officially moved house! It went way smoother than expected. Gonna be spending the next few days setting everything up,” he tweeted on Thursday.

Sean has been by far the most successful creator of YouTube videos in Ireland, and the 'Jacksepticeye' channel is currently the 36th most popular in the world.

He has made guest appearances, in front of thousands of his fans, at video game conferences in the United States and elsewhere. He has also hosted the prestigious South by Southwest Gaming Awards in Austin, Texas.

In recent years he had been living in an apartment in Athlone with his Danish girlfriend, Signe Hansen. His girlfriend also posts YouTube videos, under the name ‘Wiishu’, and has over 300,000 subscribers.

In an interview with the Westmeath Independent in January, Sean said his success on YouTube changed his life “in every way possible.”

“I'm way busier than I've ever been but I'm doing something I have such an incredible passion for that I enjoy being that busy,” he said.

“I have had a lot of opportunities open up for me and it's very humbling to hear stories from people who watch my content.”

He stated that approximately 60% of his followers were in the US, with around 4-8% of the suscribers based in Ireland.

In one of his videos a few weeks ago, he answered a question about how often he gets recognised in public when he’s at home.

“It kind of depends on the time of day,” he said. “If I go out during the middle of the day I usually do get recognised fairly often. It’s at least three times each time I go out, which is lovely, because I love meeting people and people are super-nice and awesome.

“Also, because I live in such a small town you get recognised a bit more often and it’s usually repeat people as well, who see you over and over again.”

This video, uploaded last month by Sean's girlfriend, shows the couple out and about in Athlone:


While in this clip, from Monday, Sean talks about his move:


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