Met Eireann is predicting some serious sunshine.

Temperatures to surpass popular continental hotspots


Temperatures in the Midlands are set to surpass those in the Canary Islands, Costa del Sol and the Algarve over the next 48 hours.

Temperatures are set to peak in the Midlands on Thursday afternoon at a whopping 31 degrees celsius.

That's according to Met Eireann which is forecasting temperatures in Athlone to hit peak levels between 4-6pm on Thursday.

Today (Wednesday) will see a high of 30 degrees celsius predicted in the Athlone area for the 3pm mark.

However, it will remain very warm throught Wednesday and Thursday with temperatures still at a sweltering 25 degrees celsius at 9pm tonight.

In comparison, highest temperatures over the next two days in Canary Islands, Costa del Sol and the Algarve are expected to be 27, 29 and 26 respectively.

It's expected that Sunday will see temperatures return to more normal levels.

Met Eireann says there is some uncertainty over the longer term forecast although early next week is expected to be cloudy with some sunshine.

Nationally, it will be very warm today with long spells of hazy sunshine throughout the country. Afternoon temperatures will range from 26 to 30 degrees generally but the temperatures will be slightly less near the coast due to onshore breezes, especially along the east and south coast.

The forecast for tomorrow is for another very warm and sunny day nationally with highs of 26 to 30 degrees again.