Kevin 'Boxer' Moran.

Is Boxer making a comeback?


Independent Kevin 'Boxer' Moran is making a bit of comeback after all but conceding the loss of his seat on Sunday.


While it's still considered unlikely that he will make a Lazurus-like recovery, the odds are narrowing and it's expected to be much closer than previously thought.


Boxer is proving extremely transfer friendly and the distribution of Gab McFadden's 1,450 votes will tell a tale.


Following the 7th count, the former Minister is less than 500 behind Joe Flaherty (FF) with Fine Gael party colleaguesPeter Burke and Micheal Carrigy neck and neck with 6,731 and 6,534 respectively.


The figures from the 7th count below concern the distribution of the votes of James Reynolds of The National Party (1,130). Again, Kevin 'Boxer' Moran (Ind) was the biggest beneficiary. The figures are as follows:

Burke +54 6,731

Carrigy +83 6,534

Flaherty +151 7,976

Heavin +59 2,780

Mangan + 43 2,079

McFadden +11 1,450

Moran +266 7,363

Troy +102 9,578

Non-transferable votes - 361. As no candidate has reached the quota, the lowest candidate has now been excluded in Fine Gael's Gab McFadden - 1,450.

When asked on Shannonside FM if Boxer is "pulling a Willie Penrose" Fianna Fail's Joe Flaherty said "never say never".

"It's a cruel sport but it is one that gives equality of opportunity."

"There is always a possibility," he said, adding that he feels for Boxer Moran as he gave fantastic service in government to Athlone and Longford.