Huge reaction to social media fundraiser for counselling centre

A novel online fundraiser for a new Midlands counselling centre has caught the imagination of social media users across the region.

Accessible Counselling Tullamore (ACT) is a brand new not-for-profit counselling centre providing accessible and affordable counselling to adults in the Midlands area.

The centre was only in its eighth week open when it had to temporarily close due to the Covid outbreak and all of ACT’s fundraising plans were cancelled.

As a result the centre has set up a #havethecraicforACT challenge to help raise funds and keep the service running.  They have already raised over €13,000.


With many people struggling with their mental health in the midst of the COVID-19 restrictions, the centre is seeking support to continue to provide this vital service to those who need it most.

Watch below as Athlone Credit Union staff take on the challenge, with hilarious results.