Enda Kincaid from Drumraney, Athlone, pictured at a museum devoted to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

'Here in Mexico, we're at the peak of the virus curve'

In recent weeks, the print edition of the Westmeath Independent has been publishing a series of interviews in which we've asked local people overseas how they've been coping during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The three-page 'Abroad In Uncertain Times' feature in this week's edition includes the following interview with Enda Kincaid, from Drumraney, who is currently living and working in Mexico City.  Enda is a son of Joan and Michael, and has two brothers, Kenneth and David. 

You can read the interview with Enda below, and if you're a local person living abroad who would be interested in taking part in this feature, please email Adrian at: acusack@westmeathindependent.ie

* How long have you been living in Mexico, and what do you do there?

I've just been living in Mexico since August of last year. I moved here after living in Madrid for three years. I am an English teacher and teach kids who are four and five years old (junior infants age).

* What's the current situation with the virus in Mexico City?

Right now, the situation in Mexico City is a weird one. We are under lockdown, but this is only a recommendation from the Government so we are free to go out anytime we want. However, pubs and parks are closed, and restaurants and cafes are open but only for take-away.

The city has been the area of Mexico that's been hit hardest by the virus. The number of cases has been rising in the last few days, and we are being told that we are at the peak of the curve.

* What's been the most difficult aspect of the situation for you?

The hardest part is just being away from home at this difficult time. I am in contact with my family every day, and that does definitely help to make it easier. I am living on my own in Mexico City, which is tough.

I am teaching online each day, so that does help as I am kept busy, and we are allowed outdoors so I am not stuck on my own all the time.

* If you had to identify something positive about the situation what would it be?

I am communicating with friends more, and it's been great having quizzes and just being able to catch up with people to see how they are doing.

* What are your thoughts on when 'normal life' might resume?

I find it hard to see life returning to normal for another couple of months. I plan to come home for a few weeks in the summer, but it's still unclear about flights and whether or not they will be operating at that stage. 

* What's your message for your family and friends at home?

My message for everyone back home is just to stay safe, and keep busy each day to pass the time.



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