Report to examine potential of Shannonbridge site as energy hub

Report to examine potential of Shannonbridge site as energy hub

The Department of Communications, Climate Change and Environment and ESB will commission a study to examine the potential for using the existing infrastructure in the Shannonbridge and Lanesborough power plants as an Energy Hub in the Midlands.

The Minister for Communications, Climate Change and Environment made the announcement this evening on foot of the publication of the first progress report of the Just Transition Commissioner Kieran Mulvey.

Mulvey was appointed in November 2019 to engage with stakeholders in the Midlands region and to recommend the essential elements of a just transition for workers and communities in the Midlands

In his report, he recommended that the department, the ESB and other relevant interests in the renewable energy sector should conduct a study of the future potential of the Shannonbridge and Lanesborough plants and sites for the establishment of a dedicated "Energy Hub" in the Midlands.

He suggested the study could look at energy storage, the usage of this energy to facilitate/back up other low carbon energy sources, a centre for exploring new technologies in energy, and an R&D component based on the expertise available in the AIT/University of Limerick (UL) Technology University/Maynooth University nexus.

He said this could develop a “Centre of Excellence” facility in the region which would have the potential to collectively create high quality employment and attendant spin-offs.


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