Burke and Troy to find out fates on Wednesday

(Above) Deputies Peter Burke and Robert Troy.

Mullingar based TDs Robert Troy and Peter Burke should find on Wednesday whether one or either of them is getting a junior ministry in the new government.

The division of roles in the three party coalition of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and The Green Party means that competition for junior ministries is almost as fierce as it was for cabinet portfolios. The two senior coalition partners have only seven positions each and deputies Troy and Burke say that they do not know if they will make the cut.

“It's a three party coalition which means the appointments have to spread out. Even within my own party there are quite a few competent and capable candidates vying for similar positions. Ultimately I hope I am being considered and if considered I will do my best to prove myself in any potential role,” Deputy Troy said.

There is also “fierce competition” with the Fine Gael parliamentary party. Deputy Burke says that he has a “slight chance” of getting a position.

“We are in the unusual position of having a number of ministers stepping away from the full cabinet. There are only seven places going but I have a very strong track record. It's there for all to see. At the end of the day it is going to be very difficult.”

Both deputies said that while the new government faces significant challenges, next month's stimulus package for businesses is vital to get the economy going again and that the state should take advantage of the low interest rates available.

Deputy Troy said that, to date, the supports made available to businesses have not been substantial enough and that there needs to be more grants and less loans.

As for the new government's prospects of remaining in office for the full five year term, Deputy Burke said the fact that over 70 per cent of members in all of the three parties approved the coalition leads him to believe that the arrangement will last.

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