Councillor warns locals to mind their dogs

A local councillor is warning people to look after their dogs after properties in the Moydrum and Baylin area were 'marked' in white paint in what he says was a sign for dog thieves.

ABOVE: A mark found by a householder in the Moydrum/Baylin area.

Cllr Frankie Keena issued the warning to householders who have dogs to closely look after them because there are thieves in the area who are trying to steal them.

“Over the last week criminals have targeted properties in the Moydrum / Baylin areas by leaving a mark of white paint on the outer road boundary walls and fences to signify that there is a dog on the property. This is a way of informing a follow up crew as to where the dogs are,” he said.

“While the Gardai have been notified by residents about this, it is very important that everyone keeps an eye out for any suspicious cars in their area and record their number plates. All information no matter how small should be passed on to the Gardai,” urged Cllr Keena.

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