VIDEO: Westmeath musicians collaborate on unique Rolling Stones cover

A group of 50 Westmeath musicians came together, while apart, during lockdown to create something unique.

The Mullingar Music Machine worked on a project which culminated in a brilliant cover of the Rolling Stones hit, 'You Can't Always Get What You Want'.

It features an intro by slam poet Marty Mulligan, local musicians including Andrew Cody, Graham Dowling, Jay Wiley, Joey Murray, Bressie, Dec Murphy, Justin Byrne, Johnny and Mick Cronin, Frank Byrne, Ethan Scally, Sion Hill, Shane Bardon, Alan Christopher, Ben Mulligan, Stephen Shanley on drums, Vince Hughes on trumpet, Tanya O'Callaghan on base, and County Tornado to name but a few!

Andrew Cody and Graham Dowling put it together, not only to show the level of talent existing within Mullingar, but to demonstrate the culture which has shaped so many young musicians and singers throughout the years, resulting in both national and international success.

"Fifty musicians made this video, part of an ecosystem of friends and bandmates, all of whom are out of work with no idea as to when we’ll be back doing what we do," commented Andrew Cody.

"Measures need to be taken to ensure live music doesn't become a thing of the past."

"The Mullingar Music Machine is much more than what appears in this video," added Graham Dowling.

"It’s a culture embedded into our little town, a culture of playing tunes, robbing leads, swapping gigs, Jam N’ Jars in an ecosystem of supporting the musicians around you so they can do their job as best they can.

"This ecosystem has elevated us to the biggest stages in the world and caught us waving to our Ma’s as we performed on national TV.

"Covid-19 has taken all this and more away from us and many other musicians and crew worldwide. Here are 50 musicians out of work, unsure of how or when normality will resume, yet here are 50 musicians smiling because we are doing what we love with our friends."

Although there are almost too many names to mention, others featuring on the production include: Brendan McEvoy, Dave Peyton, Conor McCauley, Niamh Kirby, Conor Quinn, Keith and Steve Sherwood, Óran O'Brien, Bobby and The Blunts, Robbie Burzawa, Ross Kelly, Mark Jones, Gerard Kiernan, Keelan McLoughlin, Paul Kiernan, Stephen Shanley, Paulie Martin, Meadhbh Hughes, Mark Irwin, Cian O'Farrell, Annmarie Dunne, Keelan McLoughlin, and Liam Maher.

You can view their Rolling Stones cover here:

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