Jacksepticeye "flies back to Athlone" in new video

Online superstar Sean McLoughlin, a.k.a. Jacksepticeye, has "flown" back to his former home in Athlone in a YouTube video which has been viewed nearly two million times since it appeared yesterday (Thursday).

The 30-year-old YouTube creator lived in an apartment at Shannon Weir in the town up until 2017, when he moved to Brighton, England.

In the new video, he plays Microsoft's Flight Simulator game, which he describes as "the most realistic-looking video game the world has ever seen".

The game allows players to fly anywhere in the world, so naturally Sean decides he will head back to Athlone to see his former abode.

He says the version of the town which appears in the game is "not exactly what the place looked like... but it's close enough."

While hovering over the River Shannon, he points out the Golden Island Shopping Centre ("good aul' Tesco!") and the Athlone Towncentre.

Sean previously studied hotel management in Athlone IT, and during the game he describes the college as the place "where I became a world-renowned hotel manager."

He then flies over the virtual AIT campus, pointing out the building where he attended classes, before trying to "land" the plane on its running track.

The Offaly native, who currently has over 24 million subscribers on his 'Jacksepticeye' YouTube channel, was named earlier this year on Forbes magazine's '30 under 30' list of Europe's top young innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

You can watch the video in which he "flies" over Athlone here. (NOTE: Video contains strong language):

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