Athlone premiere for hilarious new radio comedy

It’s safe to say there’s not a lot of fun around these days, what with Covid-19 and all the other goings-on. But not to worry, Athlone Community Radio has you covered in the shape of a hilarious new radio comedy about nothing less than the end of the world.

‘The Last Dinner,’ written, directed and produced by Jason Gill, gets its first-ever airing this Sunday, September 13, at 7pm on Athlone Community Radio 88.4FM. It tells the story of Tim and Elaine Baxter, an unhappily married couple preparing to host a dinner party in their home.

Elaine is desperate to find a mate for her eccentric friend, Sage, while Tim has entirely justified misgivings about the unbelievably nerdy Kevin, whom they’ve invited around to befriend Sage.

And there’s just one other problem: in the small hours of the morning, NASA telescopes reported absolute proof of a giant alien spacecraft hurtling towards earth.

They should be there just in time for dinner. "Oh, I think we’re doomed, Tim. Life on Earth should be over by quarter past ten."

A sparkling script pays partial homage to the great radio days of the 1930s, when Orson Welles terrified the entire east coast of the United States into believing that a Martian invasion was imminent. In this new comedy, Orson’s large boots are very capably filled, in the role of ‘The Announcer,’ by the brilliant Joe Steiner, who provides the cast and audience with minute by minute updates on the unfolding global emergency.

The wonderful cast also features Martin Kelleher as Tim, Anne Hoey as Elaine, and Ronan Flynn as Kevin.

"Obviously, when we were writing and recording this, we had no idea that a different type of global emergency was about to unfold in real life. Hopefully, nobody is too spooked by the idea. It is definitely one of those mad coincidences: life imitating art or something," says writer-producer Jason Gill.

Whatever about that, we can promise an evening of glittering comedy, hilarious one-liners, seaweed pasta, and happy endings, sort of. Don’t miss ‘The Last Dinner’ on Athlone Community Radio, Sunday, September 13 at 7pm.

The project is supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision Scheme from the TV licence fee.

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