President Higgins meets Cycle Against Suicide to mark World Suicide Prevention Day

In recognition of the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental wellbeing across the country, President Michael Higgins met with national charity, Cycle Against Suicide for World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10.

Traditionally marked as a day to honour those who have lost their lives to suicide, this year’s event took on even more significance because of the immense toll that the pandemic has taken on people’s physical health and emotional wellbeing.

“The physical, emotional, social and economic impact that the pandemic has created is aggravating mental health challenges and exacerbating the risk of suicide,” said Cycle Against Suicide CEO, Caroline Lafferty. 

“By President Higgins joining with Cycle Against Suicide, he does so in solidarity with all the people of Ireland, setting a powerful example of encouragement and empathy for all of us,” he added.

Describing the president’s actions as meaningful leadership at a critical time, Ms Lafferty highlighted the important symbolism of President Higgins' actions. 

"President Higgins is honouring those who have died through suicide. Those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Those battling mental health challenges. And all Irish people at home and abroad as we stand together, united as one, to fight and overcome this current pandemic”.

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