Workspace@Sheraton launched in response to demand for alternatives to working from home

Earlier this year thousands of Irish employees and companies were forced into a sudden and dramatic shift to remote working. In the early months, the focus was on making do and surviving in a world that was constantly changing in unprecedented ways.

TOP: Club Lounge: Workspace breakout Lounge at Sheraton catering for social breaks and workspace guests

As the ‘new normal’ becomes just normal, however, we have time to address some of the challenges remote workers are facing.

The primary issue for most is a lack of space or adequate office set-up at home and trying to stay focused and productive despite the many distractions that can arise.

After hearing repeatedly from clients about the problems they were having with working from home, the team at Sheraton Athlone Hotel have developed WorkSpace@Sheraton, which was launched in early September.

WorkSpace offers private and safe temporary offices available for rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

They are ideal for a distraction-free day away from home. Workspace is also ideal for interviews, video calls or meeting a colleague.

Each WorkSpace office can accommodate up to two people and promises high-speed internet access, comfortable chair, spacious desk and a range of perks such as complimentary tea or coffee, complimentary parking and access to the Sheraton’s 20-metre swimming pool.

Not a bad way to unwind after a busy day, and for €45 per day, it presents a good value option.

Director of sales at Sheraton Athlone, Grainne Cornally, said: "There is a real gap the midlands for a service like this and Sheraton is perfectly placed to fill that gap.

"As well as having dozens of bedrooms ready for conversion to WorkSpace offices and a team that are experienced in meeting the needs of corporate clients, we are also centrally located and easily accessible from all the main towns in the region."

Key considerations when designing the WorkSpace offering were ensuring a bright and comfortable space with good lighting and ventilation.

While many will come for the chance to work in peace and privacy, it will be the added bonuses that come from working out of a hotel that will make it hard to leave. In addition to having complimentary access to the hotel’s pool, WorkSpace users will be able to access the Club Lounge and Rooftop Garden.

As for who WorkSpace is for, Ms Cornally says it’s for everyone. "Working from home is a new experience for a lot of us and we are finding that many people aren’t set up to do it long-term.

"This may be due to distractions from small children, inadequate space, sharing with housemates or partners that are also working at home, or living alone and missing the social element of getting up and heading out to work.

"While we had initially imagined a high demand from SMEs and freelancers, we are getting a lot of enquiries from larger companies who can’t facilitate the same number of employees in their own offices at the moment and want to be able to offer a safe alternative."

WorkSpace rates start from just €45 for a full day; discounts are available for bookings of multiple offices. Contact Grainne Cornally at Sheraton Athlone Hotel, 086 8221271 or 090 645 1000.