Hope Trust encouraging the public to light a candle of hope this weekend

Hope Trust were inviting and encouraging people in the Midlands to light a candle and place it in their windows as a sign of hope in the darkness this Saturday, October 31.

In a season when many are focussed on the hopelessness of death, the trust believes it important to encourage those who are struggling to find hope for the future.

Many have lost loved ones to suicide and at present, to Covid. Many are isolated and overwhelmed with grief. It is a time when those who have faith in God can release prayers of comfort and consolation and provide a community of care to those who are suffering.

For those who are discouraged at this time we pray you may be touched by God and be able to embrace the Spirit of Life that He offers us. That you would know that Jesus came to conquer the hopelessness of death and bring new life through acceptance of His gift of salvation and redemption.

If you would like help these are helpful contacts in Athlone:


Hope Counselling 0851140983 www.hopetrust.ie

Samaritans 09064 73133

Pieta House 09064 24111

Churches – care and prayer support

River of Life Midlands Christian Family

Trevor Hill - 087 7926602

Athlone Methodist Church

083 3274001

Cherith Baptist Church

09064 93336

Christian Fellowship Church


Frontline Family Church

Barry & Annette Ashworth (Barry 087 186 8404 Annette 087 186 8685)

St Mary’s Church of Ireland

09064 79984

St Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church

09064 92171

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