Seamus Beirne (93) became the first HSE Community Nursing Unit resident in Roscommon to get the Covid-19 vaccine at Plunkett Community Nursing Unit in Boyle today.

Seamus (93) is first Roscommon nursing unit resident to get Covid vaccine

This morning (Monday), 93-year-old Seamus Beirne became the first resident at the HSE's Plunkett Community Nursing Unit in Boyle, Roscommon, to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Mr Beirne, originally from The Lodge, Carrick-on-Shannon, said he was feeling good after becoming the first resident of a care facility for older people in Roscommon to get the Pfizer BioNTech jab.

"I feel good after getting the vaccination, it didn't trouble me a bit. I didn't feel it at all nearly, very little anyway," he said.

"We're missing the visitors as well – all we can do is look out of the window. Hopefully this will change when we all get the vaccine."

All of the residents received their vaccine alongside healthcare workers from the residential unit.

One of the first ladies to receive the vaccine at Plunkett Community Nursing Unit (CNU) was 96-year-old Eileen Cox, a native of Grangemore, Boyle.

"I feel grand, I feel happy – I didn’t feel it at all – you’d get used to these injections! I do get the vaccination every year for the flu," said Eileen.

Eileen Cox (96) said she was used to getting vaccinations, as she gets the flu vaccine every year.

The director of nursing at Plunkett CNU, Dr Mary Butler, said she had been looking forward to 'vaccine day' for some time.

"The vision of a resumption of normal life, previously taken for granted, is now within reach," she said.

"The vaccination programme is just another small step towards this. It means that staff and residents will feel more protected. It has added to improved confidence and greater resilience for staff against the COVID-19 virus."

Dr Butler added that the staff in Plunkett CNU were essential frontline health care workers and have a strong commitment to taking the annual flu vaccination, and are supported by having two qualified peer-to-peer Nurse Vaccinators on site - Ninan Thomas and Sheila Brehony.

"Staff report that they understand the benefits of all staff being vaccinated annually against the flu virus, and this year their enthusiasm in taking the Covid-19 vaccine has not faltered," she said.

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