Cllr Frankie Keena.

Littering in local bog condemned

A beautiful walkway along a public road through Annagortha Bog has again been targeted by litter louts as an area to dispose of their litter waste according to Cllr Frankie Keena, who lives in the locality.

“This is so annoying and frustrating that such an amenity is being destroyed by a certain few people who have no regard for the environment and indeed the general public,” he said.

“This type of indiscriminate action has rightly sparked the anger of local people who use this amenity on a regular basis. The area in question is listed as a litter blackspot by the council and thus the council’s mobile CCTV system is provided in the location at various times in an effort to catch people who dispose of their waste illegally,” added Cllr Keena.

In relation to this latest dumping, Cllr Keena has notified the council to check to see if its CCTV was in this area on the date in question and to also carry out a search of the waste in the hope that the individual has left some identification.

“If they are successful in finding something, I will be pushing for the maximum fine to be served on the culprit,” he vowed.

“The message needs to go out loud and clear that such illegal dumping will not be tolerated,” he ended.