Glynwood Bog dumping 'a disgrace'

Local councillor John Dolan has branded the widespread dumping in the bog in Glynwood a disgrace.

Cllr Dolan's comments come on foot of a visit to the bog recently following complaints by a member of the public.

He said he found "multiple black bin bags full of rubbish" as well as a range of recyclable material, such as furniture and old mattresses.

"I have reported this to the council, but subsequently last Saturday the local community in Glynwood organised a litter pick and during this we discovered a large amount of household rubbish which was just dumped at the other end of the bog. Everyone was just disgusted at what we saw and I have reported this also," said Cllr Dolan

"It is wrong that people feel that they can just dump their rubbish for someone else to look after it, and the litter pick on Saturday was great and had a great turnout, but we have to stand up to blatant large scale dumping and if the perpetrators are found they should pay for the full cost of the clean up, and I will be looking for a proactive approach from Westmeath County Council to this scourge on our countryside," concluded Cllr Dolan

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