A view of the Marist College campus.

Extra funding granted for Marist College design masterplan

The Department of Education has granted extra funding for the preparation of a design “masterplan” for the Marist College in Athlone which will see the proposed new extension forming a single campus, and will include a complete refurbishment of the existing school building.

The extra funding was secured in a meeting between the school authorities and Minister for Education, Norma Foley, which was organised by local Minister for State, Deputy Robert Troy.

“While Marist College had already secured approval for additional accommodation, there were concerns over the past year about the disjointed nature of what was proposed,” said Deputy Troy, who added that the securing of additional funding for the preparation of an “overall design masterplan” for the school will ensure that the new facilities will be completely incorporated into the existing building.

Speaking to the Westmeath Independent this week, Marist College Principal, Michael Dermody, warmly welcomed the extra funding for the preparation of an overall design masterplan, and confirmed that the existing school building, including the PE facilities, will also be completely refurbished.

He said they were delighted to get approval last year for additional accommodation but were concerned about how it would link with the existing school buildings.

“We are delighted to have received assurances from the Education Minister that the new facilities will be connected to the existing school building, and we thank Deputy Robert Troy for organising the meeting with Minister Foley.”

The new facilities at Marist College will include 18 additional classrooms as well as an Art and Music Room, among a wide range of improvements which will see capacity at the school being increased from 500 students to 1,000. “Marist College is the only boys school in the area, and it is important for parents to have that choice” points out Michael Dermody “so we are very much looking forward to seeing the masterplan for the school and to getting building work underway in the near future.”