Maisie Kelly Feehan, with her dad Fionn Feehan who returned from Syria on the 7 April for mandatory testing in Dublin and got home to Athlone the following day. After results were negative.

130 personnel return from UN Duties in Syria

130 Defence Forces personnel of the 62nd Infantry Group returned home to Ireland on Wednesday 7 April, following a six month deployment in Syria.

They had arrived in Camp Faouar on 7 October 2020 having quarantined for two weeks in Lynch Camp, Kilworth in Cork.

25 counties were represented in the group, with 13 of the personnel coming from Westmeath. This was the third largest number of troops from one county, only behind Dublin (29) and Louth (20). Four troops came from Offaly and one from Roscommon.

38 personnel were on their first tour of duty overseas, the average age of the troops was 32 and the youngest troop was aged 21.

The 62nd Infantry Group Headquarters was based at Camp Faouar, situated to the East of the Bravo Line in the Syrian Arab Republic.

They were working as part of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, whose mandate is to maintain a credible presence in the Golan and use its best efforts to maintain the ceasefire between Israel and the Syrian Arab Republic.

The group was made up of a wide range of capabilities including Armoured Force Protection, Patrolling and Mobility, Surveillance, Communications, Medical and Operation Expertise.

The primary responsibility of the group was to act as the Force Reserve Company and to maintain a Quick Reaction Force (QRF), a small and highly mobile and flexible force which can respond to any request made by the Force Commander within 15 minutes.

Requests can range from the evacuation of UN personal from UN positions to routine patrols.

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