Tilly Dawson-Stanley from Glasson, who is in the final of TG4's country music series Glór Tíre.

Glasson's Tilly busy preparing ahead of Glór Tíre final

A singer from Glasson is set to take to the stage for the final of TG4’s Glór Tíre, which takes place on Tuesday night.

Tilly Dawson-Stanley made it through last week’s semi-final after it was delayed due to a Covid-19 incident on set last month.

Tilly, who is being mentored by Cliona Hagan, says that she is busy preparing for the final of the show.

“Preparation is going well. I’m practicing my songs whenever I can now, and I’m really trying to get everything spot on and perfect for Tuesday,” Tilly says.

“It’s kind of difficult this week because I’m only hoping I will get to perform my second song. If I get eliminated first, I unfortunately won’t get the chance to sing my second song. I’ll be gutted if that’s the case, because my second song is the one that I prefer, but that’s just the format of the show!”

The extended break leading up to the semi-final actually helped Tilly, as she says it allowed her to perfect her songs.

“I also work for the HSE so I am really on the go all the time. We’re in this huge pandemic where we’re being asked to stay home, but I’m not at home a lot because of work. Instead I’m nearly the one trying to get home to practice for the show.

“It’s strange having a letter saying that I’m an essential going to film a TV show!”

There are also no live audiences this year as a result of the pandemic.

“It’s difficult because in other years there’s an audience, there’s people to interact with and there’s an atmosphere. There’s none of that this year, and the crowd would normally help you perform better.”

Tilly is very grateful for the support that she has receive throughout the show, but especially recently.

“The support has been great, especially this week,” she says. “I got a few trolls and keyboard warriors this week giving me a little bit of hardship, but the support has been so helpful in showing how things like that can affect people’s mentality.

“Everybody is really getting behind me and I hope I have enough votes to keep me in the top two. I also have to give a special shout out to Lesley Adamson for her help and support throughout the show.”

Looking to the final on Tuesday, Tilly says it would mean everything to win.

“I don’t have a CD or anything like that out yet, and if I was to win the money would go straight into making a CD so people can enjoy my music more.

“I would get the opportunity to come back again next year as a finalist and sing on a stage and give other contestants advice. So many opportunities would open up for me. Hopefully they will still be there if I come second or third, but to win it would just mean everything.”

Also taking part in the final is Emma Donohue from Killoran outside Ballinasloe.

Speaking after the semi-final last Tuesday, Emma (mentored by Mike Denver) thanked the public for voting for her and getting her through to the final of the competition.

“I can’t thank you all enough for getting behind me and supporting me.

“We’re on the home stretch now. After tonight’s show the votes go back to zero and we have one week to vote again to bring the 2021 Glór Tíre crown home to Galway.

“Finger crossed! Please get out that app again and get voting.”

The final of Glór the show will take place at 9.30pm on TG4.

Those looking to vote can do so by downloading the Glór Tíre smartphone app.

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