Protect what’s important to you with Claffey & Egan

Protecting what's important to you and planning for the future is what Claffey & Egan Financial Brokers do best and they will help you carefully plan and follow through with your personal finance goals.

As independent brokers with years of experience, the local firm is on hand to give impartial advice on a wide range of life insurance and pension and investment products on the market.

With Directors Vinny Claffey and Finbar Egan at the helm, and a large team of QFA financial advisors, the Midlands company can help you plan your personal financial future with confidence, from protecting your family income to retirement planning or tax and inheritance planning.

The team at Claffey & Egan.

Your income and home are two of your most valuable assets. Claffey & Egan Financial Brokers want to make sure that those assets are protected for the security of you and your loved ones. Income Protection will help secure your finances in case of long-term inability to work. You can rest assured that should something happen to you, you will have up to 75% of your wage available.

Mortgage Protection provides life assurance up to the value of your mortgage, paying out in the case of your death. Most lenders will require this, and offer you a policy of their own. Be sure to ask Claffey and Egan Financial Brokers about the options available to ensure you are getting the best policy to protect your home. Insurance is a varied and competitive market. As independent financial brokers, Claffey and Egan Financial Brokers can help you find the best providers for your needs across a wide range of different products and policies so that everything from your vehicle to business protection or health insurance is taken care of.

If you earn an income, have a family, own a home, a business, or an investment property then you probably need to protect yourself and your family against the possibility of ill health or death. Claffey and Egan Financial Brokers can help you find the best Life Assurance, Serious Illness Cover or Whole of Life Cover so that you can rest easy, knowing that your family and income will be secure if anything happens.

Everyone needs to plan for the future - so while retirement may seem a long way off to some, starting a pension sooner rather than later can make a big difference. The major advantage of using a pension to plan for your retirement is the tax benefits that pensions still enjoy.

Claffey & Egan Financial Brokers will examine the many different saving and investment plans available and guide you through the process to find the plan that suits you best.

The local firm wants to help you make the best choice for your future so their staff will look at your overall position, your wealth, your appetite for risk, your circumstances both in your business and in your family life. Then their advisors will ask you to identify your long-term financial goals. With an impartial eye and years of experience and expertise, they will find the ideal solution for you to achieve your specific retirement and investment goals.

Employing 18 people, Claffey Egan have 14 financial advisors nationwide. Contact 09064 54550 or for information about their wide range of products and services or to check out the quote calculators, see

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