Troy calls for maternity restrictions to be eased

Fianna Fáil, Minister of State, Robert Troy has called on all maternity hospitals nationwide to lift the remaining restrictions around the attendance of birthing partners in line with HSE advice.

In recent weeks HSE management have issued advice to all Hospitals stating that the current restrictions on birthing partners are unnecessary and should be removed.

HSE Chief Clinical Officer, Dr Colm Henry, has written to all maternity units indicating the HSE’s National policy on this. Under current guidelines each Hospital carries out its own risk assessment and has the autonomy to decide on localised restrictions on the basis of the assessment.

“Current restrictions in many hospitals are a cause of distress to patients and their partners at a very important time in their lives” said Minister Troy. “I strongly believe that restrictions should only happen if it is absolutely essential to safe operations of the maternity services.

"We are seeing large sections of our country re-open in a safe manner this week and we are consistently seeing upwards of 250,000 vaccines administered per week. It is therefore the right time for Maternity Hospitals across the country to accommodate the support for expectant mothers which can only be given by a birthing partner.

"So many mothers have had to undergo important parts of this journey alone over the past year and the lifting of these restrictions must be a priority”.

In a response the Minister Troy the manager of Mullingar Hospital has confirmed that visiting restrictions have been amended and partners may attend the 20 week scan and attend active labour and theatre for scheduled Caesarean Sections.

Partners may also visit both postnatal and antenatal women and their newly born babies for a limited time between the hours of 7pm and 8pm every evening.

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