Ray Connellan in a scene from 'I'm Fine'

Documentary about Ray Connellan's mental health journey to be shown on RTÉ2

A documentary in which Athlone's Ray Connellan and three other young Irish men explore their struggles with mental health will be broadcast on RTÉ2 television tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 9:30pm.

I'm Fine was initially made available last month as a series of four short films on the RTE Player, but it's now being shown as a one-hour documentary on prime-time television.

One of its producers is Glasson man Michael Fitzpatrick.

Last month Ray appeared on The Late Late Show, in connection with the documentary, and spoke powerfully and courageously about his battle with anxiety and depression.

Ray Connellan with his Dad, Paul, in Athlone in a scene from 'I'm Fine'.

The Westmeath and Athlone GAA footballer told the Westmeath Independent there had been a "phenomenal" reaction to the Late Late appearance.

"There have been hundreds of messages from friends and family, as well as complete strangers writing to me saying that it touched them or reminded them of a family member or sparked a conversation in their house," Ray said last month.

"It's been a bit overwhelming, in a way, having people you'd normally have a fairly relaxed relationship with sending you messages that are fairly deep and personal and saying thanks for sharing."

* 'I'm Fine' will be broadcast on RTÉ2 on Thursday, June 10, at 9.30pm.

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