Grant’s leading the way in sustainable home heating

To support the journey towards net-zero carbon, Grant is working closely with homeowners across Ireland to maximise efficiencies, reduce heating costs and future-proof their homes. Over the last forty years, Grant’s dedication to effective research and development has led to the creation of highly efficient, sustainable home heating solutions which have positioned the manufacturer as a global leader in the heating industry.

Evolving its service one step further, Grant has developed a range of integrated heating packages, designed especially for new build properties. This new offering from Grant ensures that homeowners can benefit from a simple and enjoyable home heating journey, resulting in lasting comfort and long term monetary and carbon savings - securing a greener future for generations to come.

In addition to providing customers with highly efficient heating technologies on the market, Grant understands that selecting the right heating system to suit a home and the homeowners’ needs can be a daunting process, which is the motivation behind the development of its integrated heating package offering for new builds.

Each bespoke package has been designed to make the process of selecting the right home heating solution hassle free. Sized and specified be the Grant technical team in line with homeowners’ preferences and the property in mind, these bespoke heating packages can help a new build property achieve compliance, whilst benefitting from the high efficiencies for which Grant heating technologies are renowned.

Individual to every new build home, the heating packages are designed by Grant’s technical specialists to suit the property and its owner’s lifestyle. Each package typically includes a main heat source, hot water storage system and heat emitters. Grant smart heating controls can also be added to each package. Grant’s integrated heating packages are designed by Grant’s technical specialists as part of the company’s free of charge home heating design service, to maximise efficiencies, achieve compliance and future-proof the property.

To avail of this service, send planning drawings, a contact number and preferred heat emitters for the property to