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Council e-working hub not working

It was a case of an e-working hub that isn’t actually working at the July meeting of Westmeath County Council when it emerged that workers who wish to re-locate to the new hub cannot gain access to the facility as it is located in the council offices – which are closed to the public!

The issue was raised by Green Party Cllr Hazel Smyth, who admitted she was “dialling in from Killarney” to the remote meeting last week. “I have a number of people contacting me about these e-working hubs and they can’t gain access to them because the council offices have been closed for several months, and I am very disappointed about this, and would like to see these hubs being fully re-opened as quickly as possible,” she said.

Chief Executive Pat Gallagher admitted that it was not possible to gain access to the e-working hubs due to the fact that they are located in the council building in Mullingar which remains closed to the public.

However, he assured Cllr Smyth that as soon as he gets “Government clearance” both the council offices and the e-working hubs will be re-opened without any delay.