Local literary, lyric and laughter event to mark Lughnasadh

Athlone Family Resource Centre in conjunction with LipZinc Theatre, Poetry in the Park and Siamsaiocht is hosting Lughnasadh Literary Lyric and Laughter Festival.

The first day of August, Lughnasadh, is one of the eight great feast days of the ancient Celtic calendar. A calendar that came into being when the nomadic Irish people, who traditionally moved from place to place to find their food began to settle, to clear the great forests and to plant crops. The eight feast days mark the main farming events of the year and each has its corresponding deity.

It is Lugh, the sun, the light, who presides over Lughnasadh.

Lughnasadh marks the end of the summer growing period and beginning of the harvest season. It provides a chance to look back over the work done, sowing and tending the crops and to look forward to the harvest and the reaping of the crops.

As the highlight of the packed line up for this year’s Lughnasadh, Literature, Lyric and Laughter Festival - LipZinc Theatre is delighted to present the second instalment of The Wheel: Lughnasadh starring local actor Martin Kelleher in the role of Lou.

He likes Motorhead, quality beer and racing through the Midlands at lightning speed atop his Harley Davidson, he's the king of Athlone. Owner of the best pub in town, and leader of the Mid-West Riders, everyone wants to be part of his pack. But Lou's got a sensitive side. Amidst all the grease, steel and tarmac, he secretly longs for a bit of 'me time'.

Inspired by the Celtic festival, Lughnasadh, and the sun God Lugh, this mini play is the second instalment of the eight part, The Wheel, written and directed by Tzarini Meyler.

The whole day will be packed with readings performances songs and laughs. Dermot McElwaine regales us with his memories of a childhood in inner city Dublin, and Bridie Breen takes us drifting across time to the ancient hill of Uisneach. There are stories from Mia Samovich and a reading from Mick Donnellan. And there will be music from dBize and songs from Kara J Richards.

At 2pm the centre will be live streaming Poetry in The Park, where Caroline Coyle and friends will be swapping poems and stories.

For the full line up and details of how you can get involved and join the live stream join the online Facebook Group Lughnasadh Literature Lyric and Laughter Festival where the event will take place on August 1 from 9am-9.15pm.