A Warmer Winter, a BrighterFuture and a Free Boiler too.

Winter is a time for warmth. It’s a time when we gather round with friends and family

to share the warmth of our stories and the warmth of our homes. We banish the cold, turning back on the boiler after its summer holiday. We take down our winter clothes from attics and the tops of wardrobes. We dust off the recipe books for soups and stews. At Calor, we have been preparing for Irish winters for over 80 years, so we’reused to helping Irish people to keep warm. But as the world changes, so are we and now we are doing things a little differently.

Every year, about this time, homeowners across the country call Calor to upgrade their boiler or to finally makethe switch from their old oil central heating to a modern gas boiler. In years gone by, the questions we would be asked were all about price and security. Now, people want to know about the climate and how changing their heating can make a difference to the environment. That’s where our renewable gas Calor BioLPG comes in.

Calor BioLPG is a certified renewable energy that works exactly the same way as normal LPG gas. It is made from a blend of vegetable oil wastes and residues. It has between 50% and 90%* fewer carbon emissions than standard LPG and fewer still than solid fuels such as coal and peat. Calor BioLPG also offers the convenience of gas. Whether for cooking or heating or even to run your tumble dryer, Calor gas is a fl exible and reliable option.

One of the largest groups of people who are looking to switch at the moment is rural homeowners in houses built in the 80s or before. Homeowners in older homes frequently want to make a switch to a cleaner alternative. However, the option of a deep retrofit can be extremely expensive and can cause major disruption to your home. Many retrofit systems will mean lifting floorboards and making significant alterations to your home. Switching to renewable heat with Calor is a lot easier.

Margaret Dollard from Laois found that Calor BioLPG offers a quick, easy and modern way to heat her three-bedroom home. Switching was a simple and obvious choice. As her home, which is now 32 years old, continues to age, Margaret found that the mornings and evenings were bitterly cold. Her family found difficulty in keeping warm and comfortable, particularly on colder days. Margaret is a new customer of Calor but has found a big improvement since moving to Calor BioLPG.

Speaking about the reason behind her decision, Margaret said: “I’m here in the house 32 years and it’s cold. I wanted to find a solution that was affordable as a total retrofit is very costly. I did my research and discovered Calor BioLPG. I rang the installer in Mountrath, Co. Laois, and it went from there.

The cost was a big attraction, but so too was the fact that it is totally secure, it cannot be stolen, that was a very important aspect in making the switch to Calor Gas as I live in the countryside.” Switching to Calor BioLPG was simple and quick, according to Margaret. When it came to installation, she said: “It was very easy. They came down and installed the boiler in the kitchen and they connected it to a tank in the back garden. There was very little fuss, it was an easy process, and it was done quickly but properly.”

Within two days, Margaret’s home was upgraded with her new heating system including her switch to Calor BioLPG. If you are an existing Calor customer, the switch to BioLPG is as simple as making a phone call. If you are switching from oil or solid fuel, then there is a bit more work to be done, but the process is simple. You start by calling Calor and one of our energy experts will talk you through the process, discussing the specific needs of your home.

Once we know the kind of system that will work for you, we will help you to find a registered gas installer. We then work with them to deliver the project, quickly and efficiently. If your heating system is more than ten years old, the likelihood is that it is not working to modern levels of efficiency, and it may well be costing you more to heat your home than it should.

We know that changing is not easy and price is important. While installing a Calor system is likely to be far less expensive than a deep retrofit option, we want to make it easier. So, if you decide to sign up for Calor BioLPG, we will give you a free boiler**. That will reduce your installation costs by at least €1000. If you are interested in a cleaner energy system, one that is secure and easy to install, contact Calor at 01 450 5000 or go online at www.calorgas.ie/biolpg

*The CO2 savings are calculated for 100% blend compared to the CO2 emissions from conventional LPG. The level of CO2 savings may vary per production batch as depends on the feedstock used for production of BioLPG. **Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends December 31st 2021.