CEO of Athlone Credit Union, Michael Evans.

New full-service current account at Athlone Credit Union

Athlone Credit Union is introducing a new full-service current account from March 21.

The new current Aaccount includes the globally-accepted Mastercard debit card with contactless payments, standing orders, direct debits, and the option of an overdraft facility.

Members of Athlone Credit Union can open a current account online or in the Monksland or Irishtown offices from Monday, March 21. New members are always welcome in Athlone Credit Union and the current account is also available to new members. This is good news for Credit Union members and for consumers in general who have limited choice at present. Credit unions are considered trustworthy and are seen to offer something different to the major banks in terms of their personal touch.

The new current account has simple and transparent pricing. A low monthly fee of €4 applies and that covers unlimited euro point of sale and contactless transactions, unlimited mobile and online banking and unlimited standing orders and direct debit processing and up to five ATM withdrawals per month. Full details of fees and charges are available on

Speaking ahead of the launch, Michael Evans, CEO of Athlone Credit Union said: “This is a watershed moment in the credit union's history. It means credit union members with savings and loans will now be able to get a competitive current account from their trusted credit union, and they will no longer need to go to a bank to get this service. For the first time, Athlone Credit Union will be able to provide our members with a real choice for their day-to-day financial needs. And this service, which will be accessible globally and digitally, will enable Athlone Credit Union to become even more relevant to our members in the ever-increasing digital world.

"Credit unions have been voted the 'most trusted financial institution' for many years, and just recently they became the first in the world to receive the coveted national ‘CX Award for Best Customer Experience in Ireland’ for a record-breaking six years in a row. This trusted position is one Athlone Credit Union wants to build on with this new service launch. We envisage many members switching their day to day banking to the credit Uunion because we are now a community owned viable alternative”.

Information on the new current account from Athlone Credit Union is available on