Left, Ostrakon by Derick Smith and right, Journey to Here by Derick Smith.

New exhibition opens at Luan Gallery

A new solo exhibition by a Meath artist has just opened in Athlone’s Luan Gallery.

The Soul of Matter, a solo exhibition by Derick Smith, is a new body of work developed over the last few years.

This is the first exhibition curated by Luan Gallery’s recently-appointed Curator and Programming Coordinator, Valeria Ceregini. It represents an opportunity to introduce Smith’s series of mixed media works. His practice is focused on the basis that art is accessible to everyone. This new body of paintings explores the materiality of paint as a substance in itself. In so far as possible, references to external concrete objects have been eliminated (with the exception of titles) in an attempt to frame an interaction with colour and form which is not hinged upon comprehension of themes, ideas, or other times or places.

The exhibition aims to stimulate the visitor to engage with colours, their essence and materiality which are featured in Smith’s paintings, works on paper and on clay.

All the works were made exclusively for this exhibition and respond directly to the gallery space to create an interaction between the artworks and the surrounding environment which will enhance the vibrancy of Derick’s palette.

This solo show aims to also attract people with no knowledge of contemporary art and encourage them to engage with the bright colours and the use of paintings beyond traditional flat surface, as the paint is collapsing and dropping down over the frame.

Derick’s paintings are presented in the gallery’s three exhibition spaces as installations creating new dialogues and interactions with the light and environment.

The Soul of Matter opened to the public today Tuesday and ends on Sunday, June 19. It will be accompanied by an ongoing outreach programme of events and activities. All are encouraged to visit this brilliant colourful exhibition.