Some €80k of drugs seized in Athlone

Herbal cannabis with an estimated value of some €80,000 has been seized in Athlone.

The seizure was made on Monday by Revenue officers who were examining parcels at a premises in Athlone. The seizure amounted to almost 4kgs of herbal cannabis

The illegal drugs originated in Spain and were destined for addresses in Dublin.

Meanwhile, today, Wednesday, Revenue officers at two premises in Dublin, seized illegal drugs worth over €370,000, including almost 18kgs of herbal cannabis. Small quantities of butane honey oil, cannabis resin, MDMA, ecstasy tablets, cocaine and synthetic cannabinoids were also seized.

The illegal drugs were discovered, with the assistance of detector dogs Bailey and Sam, concealed in parcels that originated in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom and were labelled as ‘tuxedos’, ‘tea’, ‘board games’, ‘jeans’, ‘car organisers’ and ‘pet blanket’.

The parcels were destined for addresses across the country.

Investigations into both seizures are ongoing.