The black line indicates the section of the road to be closed, with the red line, highlighting one particular detour option.

Clonown resident feeling 'trapped' by six-week road closure

Clonown residents are voicing their concerns following the recent closure of a section of the Clonown Road close to Athlone.

The Clonown Road is currently closed for six weeks since Monday, September 12.

Local resident Laura O'Brien feels that a stop and go system should be put in place in the area to facilitate the locals. "We feel really trapped. No work is being done at the weekend and they finish in the evening so why can't they open the road in the evening."

Ms O'Brien also highlighted flooding as an expected issue in the winter. "It's not fair on residents. To get home we have to go ten miles out the old Ballinasloe direction to get back to our own houses." Ms O'Brien said because of the road's closure her usual five-minute drive is now taking up to 30 minutes.

The road closure it designed to allow for the construction of flood defences and the proposed diversion will be signposted.

The closure prevents Clonown residents from travelling between Athlone and their homes via the Clonown Road. Instead, they will need to travel via the old Galway Road.

Using the old Galway Road can add up to ten miles to some residents' journeys.

Westmeath County Council has apologised for any inconvenience caused by the road closure.