Deputy Robert Troy.

Troy welcomes ‘progressive and protective’ Budget 2023 measures

Fianna Fáil TD for Longford/Westmeath, Robert Troy has welcomed the “progressive and protective measures” announced as part of Budget 2023 today.

Deputy Troy commented: “This is a significant budget of progressive and protective measures in order to safeguard people, families and businesses from cost-of-living shocks while strengthening public services. It will include a €4.1bn cost of living package among an €11bn budget.

“Fianna Fáil in government are in a position to respond aggressively to this crisis because our economy is strong and we have full employment. Today, there are more than 2½ million people in employment – the most ever at work. A total of 410,000 jobs were added over the past two years, the fastest job growth in history.

“Fianna Fáil is acutely aware of the effect the energy crisis is having on families and businesses across the country. We have listened to people who are really worried about skyrocketing energy bills and believe these substantial measures will support those who need it most and help everyone face these challenges.

“Along with the emergency measures that have been included in this budget, providing strong public services is one of the core values of Fianna Fáil. This is done through ensuring the delivery of universal healthcare and fundamental public services - in health, housing, education - to the highest standard through investment, innovation and reform and we believe this budget does that also.”

The Longford/Westmeath TD added: “Fianna Fáil has always been committed to helping those that need it most and we keenly understand the financial pressures felt by many right now. As a party we will not be found wanting when it comes to helping to alleviate this burden, while constantly looking for further ways to improve the lives of the people of Ireland.”

Some of the key measures include:

A €12 increase in weekly welfare payments and the State pension

3 x €200 energy credit for all households

Childcare fees will drop by 25% which is up to 2100 euro a year on average

Weekly welfare schemes double week

Fuel Allowance €400 Lump Sum

Carer’s Support Grant €500 Lump Sum

Working Family Payment €500 Lump Sum

Child Benefit Double Payment

Christmas Bonus

Living alone allowance €200 lump sum

A €500 tax credit for renters

A €1,000 cut to third level fees this year and a €500 cut for 2023

Small businesses and farms will get 30% to 40% of the increase in electricity prices covered in a support scheme

The Help to Buy scheme for first-time home buyers is set to be extended for two years

The Expansion of GP Visit Cards to all those on median income and removal of Adult Inpatient Charges

More hospital beds and more emergency placements in mental health facilities

Free contraception scheme - extended to women from 16 to 30

Publicly funded IVF will be phased in

Transport will continue to be reduced by 20% with a 50% reduction for young people and students