Cllr Tom Farrell pictured with Minister Peter Burke.

Councillor seeks extension of commuter zone fares to Athlone

Fine Gael Cllr Tom Farrell has called this week for extension of commuter zone fares to Athlone.

“I really feel that we should be addressing the real costs for commuters. With the cost of living difficulties at the moment, cutting the cost of travel for commuters would be a very worthwhile measure which would have a major impact on those workers who do not qualify for other supports. I want to stand up for the working people who make the commute to work.

“I am calling on Minister Eamon Ryan and the National Transport Agency to bring in new commuter zone fares that are similar to the short hop zone that applies to urban areas and also the Leap Card technology to be extended to Athlone and the Midlands."

“A commuter can get from Maynooth to Dublin Connolly for €2.00 on a Leap card. It is over €20 from Athlone and I feel this is grossly unfair.

“In a time when Carbon Emission reductions are clearly targeted and we all try to reduce our carbon footprint, taking public transport needs to be encouraged and barriers, such as cost, need to be removed”, said the Walderstown public representative.