Emma Kenny as Cinderella

Ballymahon VS gets set for panto fun next month

Ballymahon Vocational School is having a ball on December 1 and 2, and everyone is invited to the party! Experience the magic and excitement of another family-friendly professional pantomime.

This enchanting story tells the rags to riches tale of a beautiful young girl who is confined to the kitchen and is picked on by her Ugly Sisters and Wicked Stepmother. With a little help from her Fairy Godmother, a magical pumpkin and a glass slipper, Cinderella hopes to win the heart of the gallant Prince Charming and her chance of a happy ending.

With the enchantment of the Fairy Godmother and the mischief of the Ugly Sisters, we will ‘BibbidiBobbidi-Boo’ our way through Ballymahon Vocational School as we follow Cinderella and her friends on a most exciting and uplifting journey of friendship and goodness at work. This is a feel-good story of courage, kindness and the great belief of magic.

Our flamboyant Prince is hosting a ball and the very loving and caring Cinderalla would give anything to go, but her wicked ugly sisters have other plans! Can the beautiful Cinderella escape from her mean spirted sisters and find true love with the helping hand of the Fairy Godmother and her best friend BUTTONS?

Directed by Ms Emer Nolan, this production of Cinderella is set to have more sparkle, more glitter, and more magic than you could ever imagine. The cast at Ballymahon Vocational School have spent the past few months working on this production and have created something very special and magical just in time for Christmas 2022.

Glittery costumes, creative backdrops, professional dancers and a jammed packed script of music and song, make it a production not to be missed. Prepare to boo, hiss, cheer or even scream- ‘OH YES SHE IS, OH NO SHE NOT’. Dreams really do come true for Cinderella at Ballymahon Vocational School!

So, please accept your royal invitation to Cinderella, at Ballymahon Vocational School for an action-packed panto that is uplifting, well prepared and fully on entertainment.

The clock is ticking so grab your tickets now to the show that proves that a SHOE can REALLY change your life! Tickets are available online by following the link on the Ballymahon Vocational School Facebook/Instagram pages or by making contact with our school on (090) 6432211.