Keith Barry.

Keith Barry coming to play ‘mind games’ in Mullingar

Keith Barry is a man of mystery. A TV hypnotist, mentalist and brain hacker, he plays mind games with his audiences.

He has called his new show ‘Mind Games’ (funny enough) and he’s bringing it to Mullingar Arts Centre.

Keith says magic and wonder are what the world needs now, and he promises that Mind Games will remain a mystery as the content of the show will be kept a secret, revealed only to who witness it live.

Keith has shared his skills in more than 40 international television shows, including most recently ‘Hypnotize Me’ on the CW network in the US.

Based on the ITV hit ‘You’re Back in The Room’, ‘Hypnotize Me’ went down well in America, Keith says.

The RTÉ series ‘The Keith Barry Experience’ and his US TV series, including ‘Deception with Keith Barry’, are also popular, and he has appeared on some big US shows, such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Jimmy Kimmel Show and The Conan O’Brien Show.

He has also brain-hacked celebrities Woody Harrelson, Bono, Nicole Scherzinger, Morgan Freeman and more.

Keith Barry has also presented his keynote speech ‘Mind Magic’ at places such as The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, The Pendulum Summit and The Dublin Tech Summit.

Keith’s TED Talk has been in the top 25 TED Talks since 2008 and it is currently at more than 25 million views.

‘Mind Games’ is at Mullingar Arts Centre on Saturday January 21 at 8pm.