Westmeath Co Committee Chairman, Frank Mescall described social media comments about the CCC as inaccurate .

Chairman responds to stinging social media criticism

County Committee Meeting

Westmeath GAA County Committee Chairman, Frank Mescall took issue with a club player who launched a stinging attack on the Competitions Control Committee (CCC) via social media.

Addressing the issue at the County Committee meeting in the Mullingar Park Hotel on Wednesday evening, Mr Mescall described the social media post as both unfair and untrue, pointing out that the CCC members are unpaid volunteers.

“We had social media exposure by a former player: it wasn’t very nice. It was a pure rant against the CCC. Apart from not being nice, there were several inaccuracies in it,” Mr Mescall explained.

“‘All the CCC are paid’, according to this player. ‘They’re all driving Renault cars free of charge’. It was particularly distasteful, I thought, for Keith Quinn who was just taking over (as CCC Secretary) - his first weekend of fixtures having gone out.

“There’s nobody on the CCC being paid. Nobody. Just to correct that. And it’s amazing the number of people who agreed with him and had a go at the CCC as well. And he is a club player.”

The chairman called on clubs to take a firmer hand in situations like this, pointing out they have a duty to ensure their members refrain from such comments.

“I do think the club has a bit of responsibility (and other clubs) to rein in that kind of behaviour. It’s not very nice,” he added.