Talking Timber comes to Athlone – networking to maximise timber sales

Selling timber can be a rewarding and challenging experience for forest owners, say Teagasc ahead of a ‘Talking Timber 2023’ event in Westmeath.

Liam Kelly, Teagasc forestry development officer, based in Mullingar, said information and preparation are key to achieving the best outcomes.

If you are a forest owner with conifer timber to sell an important date for your diary is the popular Teagasc timber marketing day Talking Timber, which is coming to the Athlone Springs Hotel on Tuesday May 23.

Attendance at Talking Timber 2023 is free, but will require online registration at

Organised by Teagasc in association with DAFM and Forests Industry Ireland, Talking Timber will offer forest owners with timber to sell a great opportunity to hear about current timber markets, view harvested logs and timber products and network with a wide range of forest industry businesses.

With a recent Coford report estimating that by 2030 timber production from private forests will increase to 3.6 million cubic metres, it is important that forest owners are in a position to maximise their returns through the successful planning and sale of their potentially valuable timber crops.

The theme of this year’s Talking Timber is ‘Planning towards sustainable timber production’, which will explore how forest owners and the wider industry can adapt their management and strategic planning to meet increasing sustainability challenges in growing, harvesting and selling timber.

The event will include:

• Outdoor log and timber products display (presented by Forest Industries Ireland)

• Mini conference session addressing the topic ‘Planning towards sustainable timber production’, including panel Q&A

• Display of forest industry stands representing businesses and state organisations offering networking, information exchange and ‘doing business’ opportunities with forest owners

How do you get the best outcome when selling your timber? Talking Timber will provide forest owners with the opportunity to ask the right questions of the right people to gain a better understanding of how the process of selling timber works, what the markets are looking for and what they can do to achieve the best economic and environmental outcomes.

For more information on Talking Timber 2023 and registration details go to