First in-person Trans Social Group for Midlands

The first in-person social group for the trans community in the Midlands is being launched later this month.

The group is being established by the Midlands LGBT+ Project and the first meet up of the Trans Midlands Social Group will take place in Athlone on June 27.

According to research carried out by Midlands LGBT+ Project last year, 38% of trans people in the midlands described their mental health as “fair”, however they felt that the area was not a safe place to live in.

The hope and aim of this group is to tackle and improve these statistics by providing the opportunity to connect and share experiences with like-minded peers, while engaging in activities such as game nights, bowling, picnics, and much more!

“As the main service for the LGBTQ+ community in the Midlands, it is always a main priority to tackle the widespread isolation and exclusion in the community.

Everyone deserves their own fun and safe space to be themselves fully and wholeheartedly, and this includes our trans friends and family,” said Lucas Cross, Community Development Worker at Midlands LGBT+ Project.

Thanks to the funding of Healthy Westmeath, the Trans Midlands Social Group will have its first meet-up in Athlone on June 27 with a games night. This will include games like Uno, Jenga, Gutterhead, and many more. Those interested in attending are encouraged to bring along a game that they might like to share. If interested, contact Midlands LGBT+ on its social media or email them at