5 Outstanding Benefits Of Solar Batteries For Your Home

More and more households are making the switch to renewable energy by installing solar panels in their home. Solar energy allows us to run our homes sustainably while cutting those rising electricity bills. But what if there was a way to make your solar panel system even more efficient?

If you are thinking of installing solar panels in your home or are looking for ways to enhance your existing system, it might be time to consider investing in solar batteries. When paired with solar panels, solar batteries can help you save even more on electricity bills, emit fewer fossil fuels, and allow you to have greater energy independence.

Ready to learn more? Continue reading our article to discover the incredible benefits solar batteries can have for your home.

What Does A Solar Battery Do?

If you currently own a solar panel system, you may wonder why you need a solar battery and what they can do. Solar batteries are a form of electrical storage, saving any excess solar energy to use when the sun is no longer shining.

Without a solar battery, this excess energy can potentially go to waste and reduce the efficiency of your solar panels. Solar battery storage units can help you make the most out of the energy your solar panels generate by using them at night or on gloomy days when your solar panels don’t generate as much energy.

Solar panel systems are not full energy solutions by themselves. Since solar panels run on solar energy from the sun, they won’t generate enough energy to run your home once the sun disappears during nighttime or on cloudy days. When this happens, you will need to draw electricity from the National Grid, which produces harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

By harnessing the excess energy your solar panels produce during the day, you can run your home entirely on clean, renewable energy so long as your electricity needs do not exceed the amount of energy stored in your battery.

Top 5 Benefits Of Investing In A Solar Battery

If you need help deciding whether to invest in a solar battery for your home, read through our list of benefits to see if they are the right choice for you.

While it must be said that solar batteries require steep upfront costs to purchase and install (currently ranging from €1,500 to €4,000), the benefits of these systems make them a worthy investment for eco-conscious homeowners.

1.Reduce Your Energy Bills

Perhaps the most attractive benefit of solar battery storage is its ability to significantly reduce energy bills. With prices of traditional energy solutions steadily increasing each year, more homeowners are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their utility bills.

Solar batteries store solar energy to use when your solar panels stop generating energy, rather than relying on power from the Grid. Furthermore, you can even earn money by selling renewable energy back to the Grid for others to use.

The savings you can make on electric bills can soon offset the high upfront costs for installation, making them an excellent investment. In fact, homeowners can expect to save as much as 90% on their energy bills by using a solar battery.

2.Limit Your Impact On The Environment

Renewable energy solutions are becoming increasingly crucial in the fight against climate change. Solar panels have a large part to play in reversing the damage to our environment, helping households run their homes more sustainably.

Solar batteries can extend those efforts even further, eliminating the need to rely on large energy companies altogether. Enhance the efficiency of your solar panels with a solar battery and limit your environmental impact.

3.Gain Energy Independence

Grid independence is a massive advantage to solar batteries, especially for those who live in areas that suffer from frequent blackouts and power cuts. Energy independence allows you to break free from using fossil fuels to power your home, using your own renewable energy supply instead.

Solar batteries allow you to tap into your solar energy supply when needed, meaning your home will still run as usual, even during a power cut!

4.Long Lifespan

When investing in a solar battery, you can rest assured that your system will be up and running smoothly for many years to come. Modern lithium-ion solar batteries have a lifespan of around 10-15 years with little maintenance before it is time to start looking for an upgrade. With a solar battery, you can enjoy hassle-free sustainable energy that extends long into the future.

It is also important to remember that your solar battery’s lifespan can vary depending on where you install them. If exposed to frequent extreme weather, you risk reducing the lifespan of your battery.

5.Open To Retrofitting

If you already have an established solar energy system in your home and are worried it is too late to install a solar battery, don’t fret! Solar battery technology allows for the option of retrofitting, enabling households with solar panels to install a solar battery whenever they like.

Whether your budget wouldn’t allow for a solar battery at the time of installing your solar panels or you weren’t sure about the benefits, solar batteries offer a flexible approach to energy storage and are available to install into your system at a time that best suits your needs.

Are Solar Batteries Worth The Investment?

Solar batteries are undoubtedly a considerable investment. However, if you already own a solar energy system, it can be extremely beneficial. When deciding whether to splash out on a solar battery for your home, it is best to consider your household’s energy needs.

For example, solar batteries may be worth installing if your household is more active at night when everyone is home from work or school. Furthermore, if being energy independent and 100% sustainable are high priorities for you, solar batteries might just be the solution you’ve been searching for!