Kerry Katona and Alison Spittle

Westmeath comic to join Kerry Katona on Gogglebox Ireland

Westmeath comic Alison Spittle and Kerry Katona will be on the couch for Virgin Media Television’s ‘celebrity’ episode of Gogglebox Ireland which airs next Wednesday September 20, at 9pm on Virgin Media One.

As VMTV marks 25 years of public service free-to-air broadcasting, a host of household names will join the smash hit show for a one off special.

Celebs from various strands of Irish life take to the sofa and react to the very best of television as it happens! So, sit back and watch TV, to watch others sit back and watch TV.

Keep an eye on Virgin Media Television’s social channels across the coming days, as more of the ‘celebrity households’ will be revealed.

Kerry: “My favourite thing in the whole world is watching television. I think watching people’s reactions to certain things on TV is hilarious which is I why love Gogglebox.”

Alison: “I love Gogglebox, I've always wondered what it was like to watch telly on telly like a TV turducken. Delighted to show Kerry the glamorous delights of Moate and the surrounding environs of Westmeath, failing that we'll just watch TV.”

What show would you like to get a reboot?

Kerry: “I really loved watching ‘Bullseye’ with my Nan when I was younger so I would love to see that back on television.”

Alison: “I'd love to see ‘The Fame Game’ come back. I remember watching some fella shivering in a Galway car park to meet Pierce Brosnan and I think the world is ready to see someone shiver in a car park to meet Jamie Dornan.”

What is your TV guilty pleasure?

Kerry: “My guilty pleasure is ‘The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills’.”

Alison: “My guilty pleasure is ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ which Kerry was on, I'm getting all the Goss today.”