Glasson locals stage protest against convicted paedophile

Some 50 people attended a protest in Glasson last night (Wednesday) outside a house where they believe a convicted paedophile had been staying.

The protest group, comprising locals in the area, last night said they intended to repeat the protests.

Dermot Murphy was jailed in 1998 for seven years for the premeditated kidnapping and knifepoint rape of a 12-year-old girl.

Murphy was also jailed in 2012 for 13 years for the abduction and attempted child trafficking of a 13-year-old girl from the Midlands.

At the time, Judge Tony Hunt described him as serious and dangerous recidivist offender, with a serious perversion.

Murphy was seen in the area in recent days and locals gathered outside a house last night to express their anger.

However, it's not believed Murphy is currently in the area.

Gardai had a presence in the area last night.

A spokesperson for Gardai said: “Anyone who is a registered sex offender is allocated a monitoring officer who ensures they are compliant with their obligations under the act at all times.

“We have had no breaches.”