Mary Morrin pictured enjoying a workout at The Hello Good Life Health & Wellbeing Hub at Castle Leisure Club, in Castlebar.

New power-assisted gyms offer holistic approach to over 50s

Ireland’s first power assisted gym designed for people aged 50 upwards including those with mobility issues to enjoy all the benefits of exercising and toning in a safe and social environment is proving a runaway success since opening in County Mayo last month with near 500 new members.

The Hello Good Life Health & Wellbeing Hub at Castle Leisure Club, in Castlebar, offers a series of twelve power-assisted machines arranged in a convenient walkabout circuit, each of which, on the press of a button, runs for three minutes at a time, making for a total 40-minute workout.

The first of its kind in the country, sole distributors of the power-assisted workout machines and Hello GoodLife Health and Wellbeing Hubs in Ireland, Martina Calvey and Seamus Davitt, hope to see the new over 50s hub-gym concept rolled out throughout Ireland in order to ensure that people in this demographic are provided with a safe space in which to work out.

Martina Calvey said: “This over 50s customised gym-hub is a new wave sweeping Europe and England, and the concept is the prioritising of accessible exercise, health and wellbeing for every body. The equipment is inclusive and removes barriers that might prevent people from exercising, such as age, joint pain, surgery history, or muscle weakness.

“Through their workouts people can enjoy improved physical and mental health, focusing on strength and endurance, strengthening bones and muscles, balance, flexibility, stress reduction and mood improvement.”

It is Martina’s aim that the 50s to 90s demographic has the opportunity to avail of the equipment at customised hubs throughout the country.

She stated: “Having seen the overwhelming response to the first Hello GoodLife hub in Mayo, we would love to replicate this new over 50s hub-gym concept around the country, in gyms and leisure centres as well as in nursing and care homes, for people to engage in inclusive and uplifting exercise experiences.

“Please contact us if you want to take your business into the future in health wellbeing and fitness and also if it is part of your mission and excites you and is important to you to keep every body in our communities enjoying exercise and embracing their own health and wellbeing. We will support you in the set-up of the over 50s hub-gym, we can even do a turn-key solution, if you have an empty room we can kit it out, with all training provided.”