Labour's Ray Lennon.

Former Labour councillor bidding to make a comeback

Former Athlone councillor Ray Lennon, who is bidding to return to the local authority chambers 20 years after he was first elected, has said one of his main priorities is halting the decline of both Church Street and Connaught Street.

As a member of the Labour Party James Connolly Branch in Athlone, Ray said he is “proud to be nominated by the branch” to represent the party in the upcoming local elections on June 7 in Athlone.

First elected to Athlone Town Council in 2004, Mr Lennon “fought vigorously for the betterment of the town and its people” during his term.

“I’m so sad to see the two main streets of our town, Connaught Street and Church Street, presently in such decline.

“If elected, I will give my full energy to make sure those two great streets become vibrant again. With Athlone’s fabulous location there should be more emphasis on tourism to our town and area,” Ray, who works in the retail sector in the Midlands explained on Monday.

Providing housing is vital too, according to Labour's Ray Lennon, and he vowed to push for new builds and affordable housing to made available throughout the Athlone area.