New development planned for Glasson village centre

Plans for a residential and commercial development on a greenfield site in the picturesque village of Glasson have been lodged with Westmeath County Council.

The proposed development consists of the construction of 10 residential units along with 106sq.m of commercial space in a two-storey mixed use building on a site directly opposite the Garda Station in the centre of the village. The development would consist of two ground-floor commercial units, and one one-bed apartment, with two two-bed apartments at first floor level. It would also encompass seven detached private dwellings to the rear of the site with ancillary detached home offices, associated parking and private gardens. A new vehicular site entrance and estate road with public lighting, landscaping, signage and all associated site works is also planned. Car and bike parking as well as a covered bin store are also included in the plans.

According to an Architectural Design Statement prepared by Athlone-based MMA Architects, on behalf of the applicant, Strongly Ltd, the proposed development will “mirror the architectural style” of the village core of Glasson and, in particular, Glasson House to the north west.

“As a consequence, it is seen as “an enhancement to the character of the village” by creating a new active frontage that “aligns with the street.”

The statement also points to the fact that the proposal for three apartments and seven detached homes on a site of 8,670 metres sq is “relatively low density” it is “appropriate” to the village location of Glasson.

The design statement also outlines details of how the developers of the project plan to use changes in floor levels to respond to the sloped nature of the site, and they point out that the proposal to locate the mixed-use frontage in a two-storey building is “in keeping with the Georgian style and scale seen in the village”.

The existing site is described as “underdeveloped and inactive” by the architects for the project, and is presently overgrown “with limited connections” to the surrounding village context. They state that the proposed new development will bring new residents into Glasson, while the mixed-use building to the street will “enhance the village core”.

The proposed roads layout is for a short cul de sac road to enter the site and provide accessibility.

A children's play area is not provided for in the proposed development, but the design statement points out that the seven large detached homes to the rear of the site, which are intended as family dwellings, all have large private gardens which “provide safe play areas for children and reduce the reliance on public open space for children's play areas”.

Westmeath County Council is due to make a decision on the planning application by June 20 next.