Fine Gael duo Andrew Duncan and Emily Wallace at the count earlier where they were both re-elected to the council.

All 20 Westmeath County Council seats filled

All of the 20 seats in Westmeath County Council have been filled with a number of new faces being elected.

Earlier this evening, sitting Mullingar LEA councillors Aoife Davitt (FF), Bill Collentine (FF) and Andrew Duncan (FG) were elected on the ninth count, along with Sinn Fein's Julie McCourt, who edged out Gerry Heery (FG) on a recount.

She is one of two first time Sinn Fein canidates elected. Her party colleague David Jones was elected on tenth count for the Kinnegad LEA, alongside another first timer Alfie Devine from Fianna Fail.

They were joined on the eleventh county by Niall Gaffney (FF) and Emily Wallace (FG) on the eleventh count.

In the Athlone LEA, Kevin 'Boxer' Moran, Frankie Keena, Aengus O'Rourke, John Dolan, and Paul Hogan were elected.

In Moate, the four sitting councillors secured re-election yesterday: Tom Farrell, Vinny McCormack, Liam McDaniel and Johnnie Penrose.