Sharleen Doyle of Slimming World.

Slimming World members donate slimmed-out-of-clothes to charity

Super slimmers in Athlone have raised €15,000 for the Irish Cancer Society by donating the clothes they slimmed out of to the charity’s shops.

The Big Slimming World Clothes Throw with the Irish Cancer Society is an annual event which takes place in Slimming World groups across Ireland and the UK and sees members donating clothes, shoes, and accessories that no longer fit.

Slimming World Consultant Pauline Bliss, who runs the group in St Kieran's Community Centre, Tormey Villas, says she’s proud of how her members came together to support the charity as well as celebrate how far they’ve come on their own weight loss journeys.

She says: “Every week I’m inspired by my members and their dedication and determination to achieve their weight loss goals. They’re just as enthusiastic when it comes to getting involved in events such as The Big Slimming World Clothes Throw too. I was bowled over by how many bags they filled with clothes that they’ve slimmed out of to raise money for such an important charity. What I really love is that they’re so confident they will never need these clothes again because they’ve made changes they can keep up for life!”

Sinead Morris, who runs the Slimming World groups in The Shamrock Lodge, says: “Being overweight doesn’t necessarily mean that a person will develop cancer, but we know that losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent a number of health conditions, including some types of cancer. The work that the Irish Cancer Society does to help those affected by cancer is vital. I’m so proud of my members for their passion towards this fundraising event as I know that their contributions will help the charity continue its life-saving research.”

Carol Doran Joyce, who runs the group in the Bower, says: “Last year, in 2023, Slimming World members and Consultants raised €181,500.00 for The Irish Cancer Society through The Big Slimming World Clothes Throw and are aiming to make this year even bigger and better. As well as raising funds for the Irish Cancer Society, the aim of the event is also to raise awareness of how maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of developing some types of cancer.”

Sharleen Doyle, who runs the group in the Dún na Sí centre in Moate, says: "Every year, our members really get behind our chosen Charity, The Irish Cancer Society whom we are delighted to raise money for. They are a community determined to help anyone affected by cancer in Ireland. They listen to patients and their loved ones and they support them by providing free information and care. They fund cancer research to find better treatments that will save more lives. They work to keep cancer on the Government’s agenda, to make sure the Irish healthcare system functions as well as possible to help cancer patients and their loved ones through their diagnosis."